Selman-Holman & Associates, LLC, is a full service consulting firm that specializes in assisting home health care agencies and hospices maximize their potential while keeping on top of current regulations and developments in the home health industry.

Home Health Insight is a blog run by  Selman-Holman with items of interest in the home health and hospice industries.

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Upcoming seminars on home health and hospice . Get top tier education from Selman-Holman and Associates.



CoDR (pronounced like "coder") provides a premier coding service to assist home health agencies and hospices in their medical coding.

Online OASIS training offered by Med-Pass  with presenter Lisa Selman-Holman.

Selman Holman & Associates, LLC

Code Pro U provides online ICD-10 Coding education for home health agencies from some of the top coding specialists in the country.