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Remember when the Coding Clinic said we couldn't place Z45.2 as a secondary and our world as we knew it fell apart? Well, we can put those pieces back together.

Follow along with Lisa in this quick 10-minute video as she breaks down the problem and provides the resolution!


  1. I appreciate all your guidance. I wish I would hear from CodingDone Right for an interview – I have submitted my resume and been in touch with Delaine Schwerner.

  2. Thanks for all you have given me over the last 15 years! I have loved your conferences, webinars, and all the tidbits! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. We use EPIC software and can see the case mix for different primary codes. I’ve put Z45.2 at the top & secondary, but the case mix is higher if I stick to what I’ve been doing: putting the diagnosis such as UTI, then the infection, comorbidities and then the z45.2. Complex nursing interventions don’t seem to give a higher case mix so far.

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