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Update at the 30-Day Time Point

In News, PDGM by Sarah Bacon2 Comments

Do we have to make changes at the 30-Day time point?  Yes!  The Claims Processing Manual states that “each claim must represent the actual utilization over the period.”  So if the focus of care for the first 30 days is resolved by day 28, you must update the diagnosis list for the second 30 day payment period to reflect the …

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PDGM and My Diagnosis List

In News, OASIS, Online Training, PDGM by Sarah Bacon5 Comments

A question that we all have pondered at some time over the last few months…How are those diagnoses going to get on that claim? What do they mean when they say the diagnoses don’t come from the OASIS? What if a new diagnosis is communicated to us in the middle of a 30-day period and a new OASIS is not …