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Oct. 1, 2020 is quickly approaching, master 2021 ICD-10 updates with ease

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Whether you need a quick update of the new 2021 codes and guidance or a full ICD-10 coding course, Selman-Holman has you covered. [Live Webinar] New codes, guidance & guidelines: What you NEED to know for coding year 2021 Sep. 17, 2020 | 12:00-1:15pm CT Join Lisa as she discusses the changes slated for October 1, including new codes, guidelines, …

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[Free webinar, Jul 29] Prepping for PBJ quarterly success: Critical answers to your top questions

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After a bumpy three-month ride, PBJ reporting is back on track for the quarter. In late March, CMS issued a staffing data submission waiver due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.  On June 25, that waiver ended – which means PBJ reporting requirements for the quarter are back in effect. In this free webinar, find out the latest PBJ news and get …

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[On-Demand Webinar] Breaking Down Coding Clinic First Quarter Update

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Answers, we love answers! The Coding Clinic First Quarter 2020 provided many useful updates for home health, hospice & long-term care coders, including: Coding stenosis and spondylosis at the same time Diabetic manifestations when the patient no longer has diabetes And more Follow along with Lisa as she breaks down the first quarter update, COVID-19 guidelines in detail and the …

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[Live Webinar] Wounds and the Wound Grouper

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Some wounds are easy. You code the wound and the patient is in the wound grouper. It’s not so easy when conventions and other rules get in the way OR CMS did not place the wound in the grouper. How does the agency get compensated for the wound in this case? CMS has provided guidance and Lisa has developed a …

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[On Demand Webinar] New Codes, New Guidance, New Guidelines: What you NEED to know for coding year 2020

In News, Online Training, Webinars by Sarah Bacon17 Comments

Join Lisa Selman-Holman for a webinar where she will discuss the changes slated for October 1, including new codes, guidelines, and Coding Clinic guidance pertinent to home care and hospice. Confused about “with” and its impact on your coding? Heard the latest on diabetic PVD and venous stasis? What do you code when the patient has an ulcer and has …

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[Free webinar series] PDPM coding for skilled nursing: Avoid these common traps

In Webinars by Ken Bell4 Comments

Diagnosis coding accuracy is extremely important for PDPM success. Coding problems are the same no matter the setting. In this three-part webinar series, well-known coding expert Lisa Selman-Holman will cover the most common ICD-10 coding mistakes: Fractures Symptom coding and the ‘with’ convention Diabetes and hypertension coding Lisa will teach the guidelines with real-life examples, so you can be on the …