Putting Together the PDGM Puzzle – McAllen, TX

PDGM is the single biggest challenge for home health agencies in 20 years. The last major payment change was in 2000 and 30% of agencies didn’t survive that transition. Texas agencies are also coping with the Review Choice Demonstration on top of PDGM – even though there are no new regulations, the timing and submission requirements will place additional pressure on your organization’s processes and people!

Join Selman-Holman to learn how to put together the puzzle pieces to power through the transition to the new Patient Driven Grouper Model. Topics will include:

  • Coding for PDGM – learn how primary and secondary diagnoses will drive payment under PDGM; acceptable primary diagnosis codes and how to cope with diagnoses that will not be allowed; the query process to verify diagnoses that aren’t supported by the provider’s documentation; and tips to insure your coding processes are ready to meet the timing requirements for PDGM and RCD.
  • OASIS and PDGM – review the OASIS items used to calculate the functional score in the PDGM equation, with tips for accurate assessment and data collection; update with the changes coming for OASIS-D1; and discuss how the OASIS timepoints (especially the ROC and Other Follow-up) will influence the PDGM payment.
  • Managing LUPAs in 30 day payment periods; Operational processes for the RAP, the claim and OASIS transmission
  • Review Choice considerations – meeting the criteria for the F2F documentation and more
  • Case Management to thrive under PDGM



​Selman-Holman is a full-service consulting firm specializing in assisting home health care agencies and hospices maximize their potential while keeping on top of current industry regulations and developments.

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