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Two complete training tracks covering OASIS and ICD-10 coding, plus administration and operations

Led by the industry’s top experts, Insight 2021 offers two complete training tracks with 19+ hours of in-depth training:

  • Track 1: ICD-10 coding topics and OASIS
  • Track 2: Administrative and operational “boots on the ground” topics for administrators/supervisors

BONUS: Switch between tracks as needed to meet your individual learning goals!

Full agenda coming soon...

*Insight 2021 will start at 1:00pm CT on Aug. 8 and end at 3:00pm CT on Aug. 11. 

Session spotlight

Meeting the challenges of a coder-reviewer

Presented by Teresa Northcutt, BSN, RN, COS-C, HCS-D, HCS-H, OASIS and Quality Specialist, Senior Associate Consultant, Selman-Holman, Briggs Healthcare

There is a lot of diversity in those who perform the role of the Coder-Reviewer and we each bring different strengths and weaknesses to the job. How can you enhance your performance?

Requirements include the following (check off your qualifications)
  • Working knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy/physiology and disease processes
  • Familiarity with medications (or at least how to Google!)
  • Coding conventions and guidelines - and the challenge of keeping up to date with the latest changes
  • OASIS conventions and guidelines, and the latest Q&As
  • Knowledge of CMS requirements for F2F, skilled services, plan of care, PDGM
  • Understand hospice coding rules for terminal diagnosis, related/unrelated conditions
  • Organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines
Challenges of the role – do these sound familiar?
  • Rapid but thorough review of (sometimes extensive!) medical referral documentation (know what to focus on and what you can skim over)
  • Finding the clinician’s documentation to support OASIS responses, especially those used for the functional score (payment) and recognizing when it needs more
  • Asking the clinician for more info on wounds, assessment gaps, etc.
  • How to know when you MUST ask for more information from the provider
  • Meeting turnaround time and productivity standards
  • Streamline communication between team members to avoid missed messages
  • Dealing with agency requests for help trouble-shooting claims that are questioned

Join us at Insight 2021 for strategies to meet these challenges, work processes to enhance your performance, and tips on dealing with intake, clinicians and billers to ensure everyone understands what they each need to bring to the team for success.

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