OASIS-D1 Agency Subscription


Need to train your agency on OASIS, but don’t have time to leave the office? Selman-Holman is proud to present a full online OASIS-D1 course for agencies. 



Need to train your agency on OASIS, but don’t have time to leave the office? Selman-Holman is proud to present a full OASIS-D1 course for agencies. 

Your agency subscription includes:
  • A block of seats for 1 year
  • Each seat can begin at anytime during the 1 year subscription
  • The full OASIS-D1 course for each seat
Agency Pricing:

5 seats = $424.15/seat

10 seats = $399.20/seat

20 Seats = $374.25/seat

40 Seats = $324.35/seat

*Custom options available

About the OASIS-D1 course:

OASIS-D1: Define, Detail, Discover is a comprehensive online, on-demand training series for OASIS-D1. This course is the best choice for supervisors, QA personnel, and those preparing for the COS-C exam. It includes guidance on the CoPs regarding OASIS, especially the timepoints and issues surrounding the timepoints. 

The purpose of this educational training is to provide functional knowledge of the home health Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) allowing clinicians to accurately assess and complete OASIS data collection. At the conclusion of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and uses of the OASIS patient assessment data
  • Apply the training and CMS guidance to correctly and accurately answer OASIS data items
  • Maintain compliance with applicable federal regulations governing OASIS

This course includes 16 lessons. Each lesson will include a handout, instructional videos and post quizzes. Once all lessons are completed, there will be a final exam to test your knowledge. At the end of the course, complete the evaluation to download your certificate. 

  • Introduction (130 minutes)
  • Who, What, When – Conditions of Participation (85 minutes) 
  • Clinical Record Items (25 minutes)
  • Patient History & Diagnoses (50 minutes)
  • Living Arrangements (12 minutes)
  • Sensory Status (17 minutes)
  • Integumentary (95 minutes)
  • Respiratory (8 minutes)
  • Elimination (13 minutes)
  • Neuro, Emotional, and Behavioral (21 minutes)
  • Functional Scoring (125 minutes)
  • Functional – GG Items (90 minutes)
  • Medications (65 minutes)
  • Care Management & Therapy Need (21 minutes)
  • Emergent Care & Discharge (23 minutes)
  • More OASIS-D1 Updates (135 minutes)
  • Final Exam (60 questions)

Lisa Selman-Holman, JD, BSN, RN, COS-C, HCS-D, HCS-O

  • President, Selman-Holman, A Briggs Healthcare Company
Continuing Education:
  • 23.0 Hours Continuing Education for Nurses

For questions or custom pricing, please contact CodeProU at codeprou@selmanholman.com or dial 214.550.1477 Ext 4. 

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