ROC: The 3 Common Situations

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A Resumption of Care (ROC) assessment is required any time the patient is admitted as an inpatient for 24 hours or more for other than diagnostic tests. It always follows a transfer.

There are 3 common situations with a ROC:

1.     The 1st is when the agency knows the patient was in the inpatient facility and knows when the patient is discharged. In this case the ROC assessment is to be completed within 48 hours of dc from the facility.

2.     The 2nd is when the physician has provided a specific date for ROC. That can be either within the 48 hours or outside the 48 hours (as long as the order was received within the 48 hours).

3.     The 3rd situation is when the patient was admitted and discharged from an inpatient facility without the agency’s knowledge. The first visit made by anyone from the agency is M0032–that is usually when the agency finds out. The agency then has 48 hours from knowledge to complete the ROC assessment. 

The CoPs state at 42 CFR 484.55 that the ROC assessment is required: (2) Within 48 hours of the patient‘s return to the home from a hospital admission of 24 hours or more for any reason other than diagnostic tests, or on physician-ordered resumption date;

The OASIS Q & A adds the “within 48 hours of knowledge of discharge”…

42 CFR § 484.55 – Condition of participation: Comprehensive assessment of patients.


  1. What if patient is transferred to rehab or swing bed do you discharge ? Or ROC

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