Selman-Holman to expand learning opportunities for Home Care and Skilled Nursing professionals in 2020

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Lisa Selman-Holman to serve on NAHC Education Committee, develop new educational offerings for coders and clinicians

As Selman-Holman continues to expand its offerings for home care and skilled nursing professionals, we’re excited to announce a number of new educational initiatives for 2020.

Beginning in 2020, Lisa Selman-Holman will serve on the Education Committee for the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC). As part of the committee, Lisa will lend her broad industry expertise to the selection process for NAHC educational content, aimed at providing up-to-date, balanced, engaging curriculum for home health and hospice professionals.

The year 2020 also offers an opportunity for Selman-Holman to expand its Insight educational conference for coders and clinicians. Selman-Holman’s first national conference, Insight 2019, hosted over 300 industry professionals in Dallas and covered key topics related to PDGM, OASIS-D and ICD-10 coding. “We expect Insight 2020 to be even bigger and better,” said Lisa Selman-Holman. “We’re thrilled to host this one-of-a-kind event in Nashville, Tennessee at the world-famous Gaylord Opryland Resort, with plenty of opportunities for fun and networking for our attendees. I’m very excited to announce our great line-up of speakers have all agreed to return. The energy last year was amazing and attendees came away with a different and exciting experience. In addition to last year’s speaker lineup, we’re excited to add well-known industry expert Aaron Little of BKD, Inc.”

Selman-Holman became a subsidiary of Briggs Healthcare in 2018. As part of the Briggs family, Selman-Holman has expanded a number of its educational offerings.

In 2019, Selman-Holman expanded its CodeProU learning management platform to make it easier for students to complete online classes and earn educational credits. In 2020, Selman-Holman will continue to grow CodeProU with new coding classes for skilled nursing and PDPM in addition to home health and hospice content.

One of Selman-Holman’s most popular educational offerings has been its live classroom training in its Texas headquarters. In 2020, Selman-Holman will offer many of its classroom courses via simultaneous live-stream, allowing attendees to participate online as if they were in the classroom. Already in 2020, live-stream courses have become one of most popular learning methods for Selman-Holman students.

Moving into 2020, as Lisa Selman-Holman continues to build new educational and consulting opportunities through her company, she will no longer serve on the Board of Medical Specialty Coding & Compliance (BMSC), the credentialing arm of the Association of Home Care Coding & Compliance (AHCC). “I’ve very much enjoyed the fifteen years I served on BMSC, including chairing the board since 2006. I thank AHCC for the opportunity to connect with so many passionate coders and clinicians over the years.”

As 2020 unfolds, Lisa predicts new challenges as well as new opportunities for clinicians and coders.

“As dramatic changes continue to hit home health and skilled nursing, it gets harder and harder for coders and clinicians to keep up with regulatory change and maintain certifications and credentials. There is so much more work to do to bring coders and quality personnel into the new decade with increased competency and awareness of the regulations and practice that surrounds them. At Selman-Holman, our goal is to continue to grow with our clients, offer them the education and consulting services they need to survive and thrive in their critical role as healthcare experts.”

What does this mean to Selman-Holman students and customers?

Selman-Holman is excited to offer several new training opportunities in 2020:

  • Lisa Selman-Holman will serve on the NAHC Education Committee to help guarantee top-quality education to NAHC members and attendees.
  • Selman-Holman will expand its CodeProU online education platform with courses for home care and skilled nursing.
  • Insight 2020 will be hosted in Nashville, Tennessee and will offer expanded learning opportunities for administrators, billers, clinicians and coders.
  • CodeProU course offerings will continue to grow and new content for skilled nursing/PDPM will be added.
  • Selman-Holman will offer more classes via live-stream, which has already proven very popular with students.
  • The year 2020 will bring more challenges than ever, and Selman-Holman is excited to work with students and customers to prepare them for the continual changes.


  1. Congratulations Lisa! I love how you are always willing to share your knowledge and expertise with all of us! I am very thankful for the time you dedicate to us! I personally love your live stream courses!
    Wish you the best!

  2. Way to go Lisa! Congratulations on your NAHC association. Your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it with passion and commitment. Your education has driven me to personally to advance my knowledge and continued Certifications. Looking forward to Insight 2020 and its growth from last year and the years to come. God bless you for all you do. You are a blessing to so many in the Home Health and Coding world.
    Kathy Domenz

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